What are my chances of getting hired?

What are my chances of getting hired?

Opportunity for Employment

Your chances for becoming a firefighter depend upon the number of openings that occur and the number of people competing for the positions. It is difficult to determine exactly how many positions will be filled during the two year register. Such factors as budget, retirements, and other unforeseen circumstances make estimates difficult.

Hiring Procedure – Once the testing is complete, candidates will receive a final score, by which they will be rank‐ordered on the hiring register. The final score is comprised of a standard score, which combines your Written Exam score and Oral Board Assessment score then adjusted to include preference points for which you are eligible.

The hiring register developed as a result of this testing process will be good for a maximum of two (2) years.  Once the register expires, individuals still interested in the position of firefighter will be required to retake the examinations. It is your responsibility to keep the Fire Department informed of your current email address, mailing address and phone number during the entire time the list is active.