A family creates a plan in case of emergency

Make a Plan

Learn more about preparing for a wildland fire in Salt Lake City

Home Assessment

Get a free assessment of your Salt Lake City home or business in wildland areas

A young woman receiving an emergency alert by phone

Be Informed

Learn how to best receive emergency alerts from Salt Lake City

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SLC East Side Wildland Fire Evacuation Zones

Several wildland fire evacuation zones have been established for the east side of Salt Lake City.  Residents in these areas may be asked to evacuate during a wildland fire.  If you live or work in one of these areas, learn the name of your zone in case you’re asked to leave the vicinity.


Is your home or business near the foothills of Salt Lake City?  Contact us for a free assessment of your property and receive tips to protect your occupancy from a wildland fire

Firework Restricted Areas

Fireworks are restricted in these areas, and are only permitted during certain times of the year.

A map showing salt lake city firework restricted areas

Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

Sign up for emergency alerts for your cell phone or via email using the Salt Lake County emergency alert system.

Build a Kit, Build a Plan

All Salt Lake City residents are encouraged to build a 96 hour kit to use in the event of a disaster.  Learn how to build a kit for you and your family.

Contact Information

For any emergency situation, including reports of carbon monoxide alarm activations, please call 911.  To reach our after hours non-emergency dispatch office, please dial 801.799.4231.

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Salt Lake City UT, 84111

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